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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 17, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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responsibility, and some of my best friends are fiscally irresponsible. get us out of this hot public hell. for matt welch and peter suderman, i'm kennedy. thank you very much, good good evening, everybody. the v.a. hospital scandal is now wide widening, spreading to at least five states with a growing chorus of calls for the resignation of v.a. secretary eric shinseki. late last night, two workers were suspended from the v.a. hospital in durham, north carolina for what administrators call, quote, inappropriate scheduling practices. and two dozen texas lawmakers are calling for an investigation into corruption in three v.a. hospitals in their home state. lamar smith leading the group
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after claims of delaying ccer testing procedures for veterans simply to save money. the new reports come one week after a v.a. employee in cheyen cheyenne, wyoming was suspended after e-mails showed that he gave explicit hospitals to a hospital in ft. collins, colorado on how to, quote, gain the system and hide long treatment delays. the scandal originally revealed after a retired doctor from the phoenix v.a. hospital claimed that as many as 40 veterans died while awaiting treatment. and the hospital administrators covered up their identity on a secret list. the white house today again showed support for general shinseki. >> the president remains confident that secretary shinseki has the ability to lead the department and take appropriate action based on the ig's findings. >> despite carney's apparent competent tent attitude, there seems to be no part of the obama
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administration-led government that is working as intended. is thereanyone in this government capable of doing what is expected of them? the administration is now mired in scandal in the treasury kept, the state department, the department of justice, bureau of land management, to name just a few. f between we mention obamacare? but eric holder says the justice department will not conduct an investigation. >> i don't have any announcements at this time with regard to anything that the justice department is doing. but i will note that the inspector general, the independent inspector general at the v.a. has this matter under -- obviously will monitor the results of that inquiry. >> senator jon tester, a democrat, also joining the obama administration defending general
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s shinseki's record saying the v.a. is doing a pretty darn good, end quote. my next guest is a member of the house committee investigating the v.a. scandal. joining us now, member of both the house veterans affairs and arms services committees, also served as a combat surgeon in iraq, reserve officer. good to have with us, congressman. your reaction first to the fact that the attorney general said there wouldn't be an investigation. >> very disappointed in that. i would think that there would be an interest here with a federal agency involved with so much malfeasance being accused. i would think that he would want to get involved. certainly i understand that he wants the in-speaking tore general to do his part. i do, too. but at the same time, i certainly would position that he would want to be involved on behalf of our veterans and take part in this whole process. >> you and i the last time we talked, which was last week, you expressed the interest and the
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necessity to move ahead with oversight investigations and clarity, and you were awaiting the ig's report for further revelations and information and context. how far away is that ig report? >> well, that's a good question. and we'll keep pushing for it certainly. as we talked about before, i've been involved with trying to get to the bottom of why we are so inefficient. let will me just say this. i think this should give america some idea of what happens when the government runs a health care system and that should give us all concern as we move forward with the affordable care act and more government involvement with health care. the incentives are not there as they are in the free market for people to deliver quality caae on time and to make sure people are taken care of. and that is a big rob. we talked about how doctors in private practice will see two to three times as many patients in a day. and do it efficiently as opposed to in a v.a. setting. >> congressman, as i hear you talk about the private sector,
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and i understand the contrast you're drawing between government and the private sector and i couldn't agree with you more, i'm very much for limiting government on the minimal level and energizing our private sector. but i think we also have to be straightforward about right now in the private sector, even absent obamacare, this has not been a glorious path toward physicians providing care, directing care. this is insurance companies and the private secretary or dominating our medical system. we have to be honest about that. we have to be honest about the fact that costs are absolutely out of control. someone has got to stand up and say the american people deserve far better than either the madness of obamacare or the egregious excesses of the
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private health care industry. >> well, you know, what is difficult for me in my -- >> am i wrong in that view? >> i'm sorry? >> am i wrong in that view? >> no, i don't think so. i think that what becomes difficult for physicians is the interference from people that have never seen a patient. and so for example with the v.a., i ask those that administer if they have ever been in the private seg tore where they've ever had to be in the black. none of them have. they have all been in being a deem kra. when it takes care of patients and insurance company involvement deciding what care people get, that is a big problem. it should be up to doctors and the societies within those specialties to decide what is appropriate care. but especially between a doctor and a patient and the interference has been will for several years now and getting worse.will for several years now and getting worse. i have to recommend to a patient what they should have and then get on the phone with an
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insurance company. one time they said doctor would you order an mri, it's the first time you've seen a patient. and i said you've never seen this patient and you didn't take the history and know the treatment they have had. this type of stuff goes on every day and it's an interference. and when you look at things doctors practicing defensively, that does increase the cost. >> are we going to get to the bottom of this with the v.a.? we're out of time, but are we going to get to the bottom of it? because obviously we're learning more and more each day. we're up to six states, more secret lists. and instead of caring for our heros, they are being victimized by the system that you are so correctly criticizing. >> well, in addition to the ig's report, the v.a. committee had voted unanimously last week to subpoena the records and e-mails of those involved with this situation so that we can take a look at it. we have four doctors on the v.a. committee and we are determined to try to make a difference here.
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and to try to get things straight so we take care of our veterans the way they're supposed to be taken care of. and we have a system that works. it will take a major revamping. >> congressman, as always, good to talk with you you. >> thank you. lois learner in contempt. but john boehner says no arrest. former doj attorney christian
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[ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. speaker boehner says it's up to attorney general holder to arrest lois lerner. he says he doesn't think invoking the inherent contempt cause is appropriate despite the
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fact it's been upheld by the supreme court. our next guest says he's caused the house on negotiate against itself. joining us, christian adams, author of the book "injustice, exposing the racial agenda of the obama justice department." why in the world if this speaker doesn't want to go ahead and ross cu prosecute after the contempt citation, why bother with a contempt proceeding in the first place? >> it makes no acceptsep sense. why would the speaker say these things when the house is in the process of trying to get information about the irs abuses. he's sending a signal that they won't do everything they could for this sort of behavior by lois lerner. to say eric holder will do something is a joke. eric holder and joeisler per are
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both in the contempt of congress club together. they're not going to do anything about lois lerner at the doj. >> and we should point out, it's a very exclusive club. two members of the same administration under contempt citation by the congress for the first time together. i mean, one has a very difficult time explaining speaker boehner's strategic thinking here, his political thinking. do you have any insight at all as to why the man would simply adopt the orders of the chamber of commerce multinationals -- by the way, the chamber represents literally millions of small business. but this isn't their view on illegal immigration. this isn't their view that is being represented by the chamber. this is u.s. multinationals, the large he is largest, the most elite corporation. >> the only thing i can figure
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speaker boehner still has misplace the faith in the attorney general. don't forget this is the same attorney general that is opening up the borders, that is not enforcing immigration law, that is not doing anything about the irs. it is a sorry state of affairs at the doj and the gop house, if they want to win in november, they need to make it clear that they're against the irs abuse because there are lots of people that want to use every part of the law against the irs abuse. and to say that today is just unfortunate. >> unfortunate and there is -- i've heard from a couple people today politically savvy saying basically this speaker could be interpreted as wanting to go to work for either the chamber of commerce or the democratic party. what do you make of it? >> well, let's hope not. because most americans -- >> i think they're speaking tongue in cheek, but what aim trying to understand is why he's taking such a view diver gegent
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from his party and their ostensible party interests. >> you can look at the immigration law right now where he's doing the same thing. your last segment talked about that and how it kit depresses t base ahead of the midterm elections. just today a report was released where 36,000 criminals were released by this administration as part of immigration policy. this included 193 murders released by the obama administration for immigration proceedings. it's wonderland. you can't explain it and the speaker needs to take a tough position against it. >> we also then have the contradiction of the speaker who has reversed himself by my count now ten times in the past year on the issue of amnesty and amnesty legislation. we also have the contradiction of the speaker saying it was a failure of the president as to establish trust with republicans as the reason they hadn't pursued legislation because they
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didn't feel he was trustworthy. and now he's blaming his own caucus. >> listen loud and clear. if trust is the issue why speaker boehner is not going to move immigration legislation, it's not going to move. because this is an administration that is totallien trustworthy. the releasing tens of thoughts of criminals into the american mainstream that will never be key port deported, lou. these criminals that have been released in the last year stand lnl zero chance of being caught and returned to their native country. once you release somebody, statistics show they almost never get deported. >> christianed a him, good to have you with us. nigerian government says no deal. no trade. refusing to release imprisoned terrorists for those kidnapped school girls. andrew mccarthy on the true threat of boko haram next.
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the search is intensifying for nearly 300 school girls who were kidnapped by boko haram. for more now on the threat and the obama administration response, i'm joined by former federal prosecutor, andrew mccarthy, also the author of the upcoming book faithless execution, veavailable for pre-order now. congratulations on the new book. >> thank you. >> available for pre-order online. >> great to be here. >> what should be the u.s. role here? 16 of our support folks have been sent to nigeria to try to help in locating. what should we be doing in your judgment? >> the problem we have here is that the tactical response to each of these different crises as they come up is arriving at a time when we don't have a
8:21 pm
strategic vision of what the war is. so we seem to stumble from episode to episode and when you're in that kind of a posture, i think you do what you can in the situation, which here at least seems to be law enforcement help, although i have the feeling that that will be of limited benefit. but i think what they really oughto do or what we really have to do if we'll ever get this right is have a broader strategic vision of what the struggle against radical islam is and try to react accordingly. we don't have that now. >> bow coko haram, little known before this incident i think for momost americans. what is their relationship to al qaeda and what threat do they actually pose to the west? >> well, they have a sketchy relationship with al qaeda. part of the reason we don't know about it is much of the evidence that we evidently have about it
8:22 pm
was taken at the rate of bin laden's compound and that part of the body of knowledge has not been released to the public. but what we have heard is that bin laden provided seed money for the development of boko haram in the early 2000s when the organization first came into being. and they have at least communications and moral support between boko haram and the different al qaeda components. whether they have an operational relationship and the depth of that is difficult to say based on what we now know publicly. >> and we should add to this, we learned today that there are surveillance flights being flown by u.s. piloted u.s. aircraft over in nigeria as they look for those 300 kids who have been taken. so there is something going on here beyond just the 16 troops
8:23 pm
that i mentioned. there is also the possibility of much that we don't know. we should acknowledge that. the state department, though, last year acknowledged that a huge increase in acts of terrorism around the world and we're talking about a 40% increase. what does this auger for this year and for the fight against radical islamist terror in particular? >> until we get the policy right, you can expect there to be an increase. particularly when these groups stop thinking that america is an enemy to be feared, what you you end up finding is what we find, which is a strike in these kinds of terror attacks all over the place and the audaciousness of a group like boko haram -- you you asked me what kind of threat do they pose to the united states. i think it's two fold. the specific threat, the head of boko haram openly threatened the united states in 2010. basically said the jihad has just begun. it's not anywhere near an end. and i think the bigger component
8:24 pm
is the ideological glue that ties all of this together which is injury u veer uhe lentsly anti-american. >> we thank you for being here. and the book is faithless execution. you can pre-order it now on and everywhere else, as well. we recommend to you and can't wait for to be out. appreciate it. a wild scene in new hampshire where caras captured a home exploding and then burping to the ground. it happened shortly after a police officer responded to a domestic disturbance at the home. he was subsequently shot to death by the resident's son who is believed to have been killed in the fire. local police still don't know what caused the home to explode. they say it's likely not accidental. >> the federal government wants to seize nearly 100,000 texas acres. the bureau of land management taking on texas and attorney
8:25 pm
general greg abbott next. rise a
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the more you bundle, the more you save. now, that's progressive. our next guest is running for governor of texas, he's attorney general of the state and sued the obama administration 30 times and now he's gearing up for a new fight with the bureau of land management that is trying to seize 90,000 acres of private property on the red river. joining us, thattorney general of the great state of texas, greg allen. good to have you with us. let's start with the bureau of land management. there has always been tension between the bureau of land management and ranchers and farmers across the west. this has spilled over now in nevada into a disastrous performance by the blm in which they brought just unreasonable amounts of fire power to bear on one rancher. irrespective of the merits of
8:29 pm
the case, it's not something one sees. what are you expecting when it comes to the blm in your state? >> good to be maback with you again. the blm is out of control. you have a federal agency come in and now try to seize private property. this is something, lou, that texas has been fighting with the state of oklahoma for decades. this is a fight that has gone back for almost a century. the dividing line in the area where the blm is focusing on is the dividing line between texas and oklahoma which is defined by where the red river flows. and the state of oklahoma and the state of texas entered into a compact that was agreed upon by the united states congress that put to rest all of these issues. now from no where, the blm comes in and abilities like it has the right and entitlement to about 90,000 acres on the texas side of the red river, so we consider this to be a federal land grab of property that belongs to
8:30 pm
texas. >> you're saying basically the federal government in the form of the bureau of land management wants to steal your land. >> it's bizarre, lou, because they first acted like they were taking our land and then when we challenged them on it, now they're saying, well, it belonged to them all along. so i think this will turn out to be my 31st lawsuit against the federal government if they continue to assert a right and title to this land. >> and no attorney general has a better record than you do in prevailing against this administration's justice department, correct? >> we do have a winning record against the obama administration. and we hope to keep it that way. and lou, i wish we didn't have to file any of these lawsuits because i wish we had a federal government that abided by the constitution. as you know, we are a nation that is based upon the rule of law and we see things like obamacare for example where we assume there is a rule of law, but the government and administration continues to move
8:31 pm
the goal posts. they do not follow the rule of law. it's my job as the attorney general of texas to hold them accountable to the rule of law. >> well, you talk about not worrying about whether we're a nation of laws or not, immigration customs enforcement as you know last year freed 36,000 convicted illegal immigrants. that is criminal illegal aliens in this country. the president is now making it very clear he's pushing for along with house speaker, republican house speaker john boehner, they're going for amnesty full tilt with open borders. what is your reaction? >> it's stunning. just last week, a report came out showing the arrests that were made in the rio grande valley. mind you, this is just one segment along the texas/mexico border. and in this one segment, there are 1,000 arrests made every single day, a daily average of
8:32 pm
1,000 arrests of people coming across the border illegally and those are only the ones that are arrested. of course there are many more that are coming in every single day. so that shows the magnitude of the problem that we are dealing with and it shows why we must have reform in our system to ensure that we secure the border. >> attorney general greg abbott, as always, good to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. republican strategist karl rove called upon to clarify a new york "post" report that said he suggested hillary clinton may have brain damage from a blood clot that she suffered in 2012. here is karl rove this morning. >> i didn't say she had brain damage. she had a serious health episode. my point was that hillary clinton wants to run for president but she would not be human if this didn't enter in as a consideration. and my other point is this will be an issue in the 2016 race and whether she likes it or not.
8:33 pm
>> karl rove has already made it an issue. apology clarification or not. our quotation of the evening inspired by the call of some atheists to have their own chaplain in our military. that's right, i said their own chaplain in our military. sounds like p an oxymoron, but a chaplain is what they really want. and it is just what christians don't want them to have. in advance of our talk with david silver, the president of the american atheist organization, i thought a view from the founding fathers might be in order on this one. our quotation from john adams, second president of the united states, who said, our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. it is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. a wonderful quote, i think. and also troubling. have we become an ir religious
8:34 pm
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with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york... with the state creating dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. become the next business to discover the new new york. [ male announcer ] see if your business qualifies. russia's foreign minister today with new accusations against the united states, lavrov saying he has, quote, very strong suspicions that american mercenaries are operating in you ukraine. his comments come as ukraine's government launched talks on efforts to ease the crisis. those talks, however, unlikely to yield results because pro russian separatists aren't involved. joining us now, john funt. john, good to have you here.
8:38 pm
this silly, preposterous charges, whether they're true or not frankly, what is the point of it all? >> putin has discovered an ancient propaganda technique which is you accuse your opponents of everything you yourself are doing. >> i think that that has not been particularly effective against the united states at least. >> i just came back from europe, lou, and every speech i gave, every conference i went to, there were two or three people who had been planted or paid for by vladimir putin, some even probably believed it, who were spewing the putin lie. he is buying, renting and leasing people all over europe to spout his propaganda and some people are falling for it. >> it gets to be propaganda, doesn't it. and also when it intrudes on domestic politics in this country. when various political figures, and i won't mention names, start using various individuals as props behind them to enforce a message as if the body politics
8:39 pm
is a herd of sheep ready to be lead. it doesn't often work out that way thank goodness. but let's turn to russia, the ukraine, and the future. do you believe that we're going to see more adventurism, more expansion, more invasions by tin, or are we coming to a point at which he will rest his ambitions for a while? >> pause his ambitions. putin does that want eastern ukraine. it is an economic basket case. the steel mills there are completely uneconomic. he wants to finlandize ukraine. during the cold war, soef yept union basically said you can be independent, but you have to clear everything with us including when you sneeze. >> and let's turn back to this country with our tur veils. hunt her wilhewil
8:40 pm
hunter by dep, and harry reid's getting involved with the gasoline company. this is getting sordid and it seems somewhat dangerous. >> it used to be just members of congress. if used to be that if you have a member in the administration in a high ranking executive position, there was some chain. now remember billy carter got laughed out of up to because he had some association in the 1970s. there have been a few examples like that. thousand we're s thousand we' now we're suing commercialization of public office to benefit friends and family. >> as the saying goes, there ought to be a law. because there isn't sufficient decency or honor to prevent it.
8:41 pm
i don't want to get into it. i'm just saying there out ought to be a law. >> doing it on television would certainly help clarify matters. to be a law. >> doing it on television would certainly help clarify matters.o be a law. >> doing it on television would certainly help clarify matters. be a law. >> doing it on television would certainly help clarify matters. >> i don't have the faith in shaming that you do anymore. you would think so many of these people who purport to be public servants would be shamed and ashamed by their conduct and the result. let me turn, if i may now, to simply the idea that the tea party is in resurgence. you've tofollowed the tea party. did you see the real tea party much in evidence in these elections, whether nebraska or whether in west virginia? >> well, i actually followed ben zass' campaign and he is an excellent candidate. people weren't so much reacting to him as a tea party supported
8:42 pm
candidate. this was a guy who actually understood the constitution, recited his beliefs from the constitution, and said i actually have had the experience, i ca make a difference in washington. so i don't think it was so much tea party, although the tea party had a good night last night, it was people really are tired of establishment incumb t incumbents. >> and what is the tea party express? what is freedom works? are they the as friday toner that nancy pelosi famously talked about or an expression of the popular will?friday toner tt nancy pelosi famously talked about or an expression of the popular will? >> it varies. some are just -- >> i'm talking about freedom express, freedom works. tea party express and freedom works. >> tea party express has run bus tours. i haven't seen them involved in a big way in a lot of races. probably more astro turf. i think for freedom works, they do have a very large member base
8:43 pm
around the country that contributes money. they certain weighed in on this. they were smart enough to goi wigo with senator mcconnell. i think their membership would have been upset if they haven't gop with zas sch schltzasz. >> good to have you here. you may not have to forgive donald sterling. his estranged wife may have come up with his perfect defense. leading attorneys join us next with the answers to the $1 billion question. we're moving our company to new york state.
8:44 pm
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. joining us now for the
8:47 pm
pending legal quagmire that awaits the sterlings, fox news legal analysts. great to have you with us. let's start with shelly sterling. she looks as though she's about to have 100% ownership. if she's correct, he has dementia and his statements last night would not contradict that diagnosis. what are your thoughts? >> exhibit a. display thit in front of the court. this guy is clearly crazy. and she can try to get him committed. that means experts come in and she gets the whole kit and caboodle. >> she's not a full owner. she doesn't have those kinds of rights that he has. but when you get into community property, i think she has a good shot here. again exhibit a, play over and over and over again.
8:48 pm
>> nothing that we've learned about this man donald sterling would suggest that he's anything but weak, prostate cancer and whatever other conditions he may have. this man is seeking forgiveness. with all of that -- >> oh, please. how do you forgive when you say it again and again and again? >> here's how i would. the man, if he is obviously dimented and up fit, then i can forgive. >> pr machinery came in in overdrive. >> whose? the nba's? i have to count the pr machinery here. the nba's machinery is working pretty hard here. the clippers machinery.
8:49 pm
magic johnson's machinery. all of those -- oprah winfrey, the sterlings. i mean this -- there is no end on pr machines. >> that's because they can't control him. but when this first came out, sterling's camp said he has prostate cancer. the first time you ever heard of that. >> it makes it almost real. >> prostate cann cancer doesn't you say those things. we're very forgiving people -- >> we certainly don't sound like it when you listen to everyone talking here. the nba says she can't have her husband's property. even if the court says she does. >> that's a legal battle. >> this looks like somebody is cooking, shaking and baking up a really fine billion dollar cake. >> but who will buy that team? seriously. he has done so many to damage
8:50 pm
the reputation. not that he himself, but -- this is a fire sale. easing i'm going to make a ton of money because i only paid $12 million and i'll sell it for multimillions. you have a fire sale -- >> you cure the problem as soon as you get rid of sterling. so that looks to me like a fire that can be put out rather quickly. >> but who will take ownership. >> david geffen, magic johnson -- are you saying perhaps somebody is trying to run down the price in order to buy it? >> oh, my goodness, that could be right. >> that sounds like more pr machinery.
8:51 pm
and people are gobbling up this nonsense. this is about greed and ambition, period. if anyone doubts it, they're not paying attention. >> i think you're right. i think the wife will step forward and say i'll make him look crazy and i'm taking over the team. >> she needs to -- >> can we play the tape again? >> i'm going to beg for mercy. i would like to go to the jay-z elevator surveillance real quickly. pretty please. >> it's there. >> there it is. this is jay-z's sister-in-law, solange knowles, attacking him in the elevator. he is rescued by his bodyguard. yes, you see down there beyonce not doing much of anything at
8:52 pm
all. and this goes on for some time. >> three minutes. >> credit to the bodyguard. i thought jay-z handled it very well by staying away. what is the liability here? what is the deal? >> a bunch of different things. when this pans city hotel, one of the fanciest hotels in new york finds out who the employee is, held fire that person and that person will probably be charged with theft because it's stealing from the hotel. privacy, ttough, when you're in an elevator -- >> everybody wants to know about jay-z and solange and beyonce. >> there is a lot of scuttlebutt. we have no proof. we don't know anything.rumorrum? >> it's a rumor there is infidelity involved and that's why the sister -- >> but we don't know. >> yes, we have no idea. >> we want every to ignore the previous testimony which at this
8:53 pm
point is hearsay or plain old gossip. but there is room for that. there is videos from tmz. i think we have room for deposit i gossip. >> there you go. >> thank you. this was fun. >> this was great. >> tread on tmz territory. now the word of the evening in honor of donald sterling, tonight's word is a verb used with meaning to make or cause to appear foolish or retick could you husband or to allege or prove to be of unsound mind. stultify. up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything
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from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we will up it yet again. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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is all ready the brand ofstate the year.d berkshire hathaway home services. good to know.
8:57 pm
president obama has been talking dysfunctional washington again, this time blaming congress for its inability to pass immigration legislation that offers both open borders and amnesty. >> the closer we get to the midterm elections, the harder it is to get things done around here. i know it's hard to believe that things couldn't get harder -- that this place could get a little more dysfunctional. but it's just very hard right before an election. so we've got maybe a window of two, three months. >> mr. obama has found hope in the midst of dysfunctional. for all the world you'd think he believed himself to be nonpartisan and his administration immensely competent tent and highly efficient and productive. look, i support immigration reform as it's been passed out of the house judiciary committee. but wouldn't you know it, i embrace the house plan and speaker boehner buries it. when president obama and speaker boehner get together and keep
8:58 pm
spinning the same old rhetoric and playing the same gas, it all becomes gag worthy. this president longs to blame the house republicans whose leader is now blaming his own caucus for their intransigence and opposition to the will of the elite rulers obama, boehner and donahue. i think the president is on to something, though a bit misplaced. mr. obama says there is a window of a few months mch he and the republican house leader might pass comprehensive immigration reform. i actually think there are a few months of real opportunity for the house leadership to not only con found and frustrate their constituentses but a real clear opportunity in which to turn over the midterm elections to the democrats. and the most recent polls are showing just that possibility. we are at the edge of what so many had feared. a confident, overreaching and clumsy leadership now energized
8:59 pm
and apparently utterly committed to eelectoral disaster. time for a few of your comments. authors of today's e-mail, tweets and facebook posts receive a copy of my new book, border war. co-written with a former dea agent. last night, we asked whether the republican party should pass an immigration bill added vow indicated by the chamber of commer commerce. virgil tweeted us to say, no, secure our borders, enforce our him xwrags laws. problem solved. patty tweeted to say enforcing existing law should be our new immigration reform. steve in michigan e-mailed, no, the chamber of commerce is looking out for the elite corporations. they want the low wage workers supplied by immigration reform. we love hearing from you. so does your country.
9:00 pm
e-mail us at lou@lou follow us on twitter. go to our facebook page. links to everything. that is it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. good night from new ♪. john: it's wedding season! this year three million americans will promise to stay together. >> forever! forever! forever! >> or not. >> married only four months our divorce lasted 6 1/2 years. >> this is how i put gas in the rolls-royce. >> okay, here she comes. john: they keep getting married. >> you may kiss the bride. john: and spend lots! >> my god. >> so pretty in pink. john: before the wedding, we're told to spend money on diamond engagement rings, how else would two months' salary last forever. marriage is the union between a man and woman. john: that's changing.


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